How Digital Health
Can Promote Health Equity 



Tune in to learn about:

  • What are the existing barriers to health equity? 
  • How does health equity benefit payers and providers?
  • What can payers and providers do to reduce health inequities?
  • How can digital tools help reduce rather than exacerbate health inequities?

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Join McKinsey Partner and health tech hub leader, Gila Tolub, and Binah.ai Co-founder and CEO, David Maman, in a discussion on how payers and providers can use digital healthcare to promote health equity. Discover why health equity is important for both payers and providers in addition to patients and learn about the digital technologies that are helping to bridge care gaps.   

Expand Access to Health and Wellness Monitoring      



Just by looking at the device's camera

No Wearables Needed

No need to purchase wearables

Easy to Integrate

Available as SDK or end-to-end application platform


Always Accessible

Supported by most iPhones and Android smartphones

For All

Supports any gender and skin color

Cost Saving

A cost-effective solution to remote wellness monitoring  


Enable Anyone to Measure Vital Health Parameters Anytime, Anywhere

Enable anyone to measure the following parameters in just 60 seconds by looking at their personal device camera:

Blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), parasympathetic activity, sympathetic stress, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse respiratory quotient, and our NEW wellness score.

Our Speakers

Gila Tolub McKinsey & Company Partner 
McKinsey & Company

Gila Tolub
McKinsey & Company

Gila leads the Israeli chapter of McKinsey's global health technology network and advises leading life sciences companies in the development and implementation of sustainable operations and strategies for environmental, social and sustainability governance. She is also dean of McKinsey’s executive-transition master classes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, which have supported over 150 executives transitioning to new roles.

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David Maman
Co-founder and CEO Binah.ai

Seasoned speaker and international industry leader, David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success. Spearheading Binah.ai towards the fulfillment of it's vision, David sets the strategy and manages the execution of the company's mission to enable health and care, anywhere.

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