Top Insurance Trends of 2023 and How Health and Wellness Checks Can Address Them



Tune in to our webinar to learn about:

  • Workers' compensation- How to streamline claims and medical care, and help increase prevention of work-related health and stress issues. 
  • Risk assessment and mitigation- How insurers can improve their ability to assess and mitigate risk. 
  • Real-time health evaluation- Insurers' advancements in real-time health and wellness evaluations of policyholders.
  • How's technology can help- How's health and wellness checks can help support the major trends. View a demo of our solution. 

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Listen to Co-founder and CEO, David Maman, as he shares insights on the top trends sweeping the global insurance industry in 2023. Discover how insurers can use's real-time health and wellness checks to tap into the latest trends and enhance risk assessment, workers' compensation, wellness programs, customer experience, and more. 

Perform Health and Wellness Checks

Remotely or Locally Using Smartphones  



Just by looking at the device's camera

No Wearables Needed

No need to purchase wearables

Remote and Local Checks

Perform remote health assessments or integrate as a benefit for policyholders

Wide support

Supported by most iPhones and Android smartphones

For All

Supports any gender and skin color

Always available 

Technology runs on the device, making it available even without internet connection  

Measure a Wide Range of Biomarkers and Enable Cutting-Edge
Bloodless Blood Tests

Measure a wide range of biomarkers and bloodless blood tests remotely or enable policyholders to check their health in just 60 seconds by simply looking at their personal device cameras.


Our Speakers

david-maman-250-1 | Health Checks Anywhere

David Maman

Co-Founder and CEO

Seasoned speaker and international industry leader, David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success. Spearheading toward the fulfillment of its vision, David sets the strategy and manages the execution of the company's mission to enable health and care, anywhere. 

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