How to Advance Insurance Wellness Services with Remote, Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring


Watch our webinar to explore:

  • Why digitized wellness programs are critical for insurers
  • How help insurers:
  • Access objective, client-provided health data with
  • Turn care from reactive to proactive
  • Improve risk management and offer a more personalized customer experience

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There is a growing consensus among experts that the insurance industry is shifting from one that helps detect and repair health issues to one that also helps predict and prevent them. Given the growing number of clients interested in providing insurers with personal details in exchange for personalized health-management services, innovative insurers are changing the insurance landscape with shared-value wellness services. While guiding clients towards improved health, giving them more control over premium pricing, and increasing overall satisfaction, these services allow insurers to increase the precision of risk assessment, accelerate onboarding and speed up time-to-value. To stay competitive, insurers will need to adapt to this shift and creatively reconstruct products and services to cater to clients' needs.

Watch our latest webinar to learn how's video-based, remote vital signs monitoring provides insurers with the real-time, client-provided health data they need to transform their wellness services. 

Monitor Wellness Remotely 


Just by looking at the device's camera

No Wearables Needed

No need to purchase

Easy to Integrate

Available as SDK or end-to-end application platform app for iPhone and Tablet

Always Accessible

Supported by most smartphones, tablets and laptops

For All

Supports any gender and skin color

Cost Saving

A cost-effective solution to remote wellness monitoring  

Unique Mix of AI
& Signal Processing

Enable users to extract a wide range of vital signs including heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), oxygen saturation, respiration rate, mental stress, and soon - blood pressure, from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera.

Our Speaker

DAVID MAMAN | Health.Care.Anywhere.

David Maman

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Seasoned speaker and international industry leader, David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success. Spearheading towards the fulfillment of it's vision,  David sets the strategy and manages the execution of the company's mission to enable health and care, anywhere.

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