Healthy Returns: Stepping Up Employee Wellness with Smartphone-Based Health and Wellness Checks

Continuous and Spot  



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Tune in to our webinar to discover: 

  • The various dimensions of employee wellness that contribute to improved quality of life, enhanced personal effectiveness, and reduced health risks. 

  • Why employee wellness is a strategic imperative for organizations, not just a nice perk.
  • How to assist your employees in safeguarding their health and safety with smartphone-based health and wellness checks, with options for continuous checks using PPG sensors or spot checks using smartphone cameras. 

Your data will be kept and managed in systems in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Industry surveys reveal that over half of employees are willing to consider a lower-paying job if it comes with superior benefits. Moreover, half of employees find employers offering wellness benefits and programs more appealing than their counterparts. Beyond its importance to employees, data shows that investing in employee wellness yields greater productivity, higher morale, less churn, and a 6 to 1 return on investment for employers. Listen to our Co-founder and CEO, David Maman, to discover what employee wellness is, why investing in it is pivotal to organizational success, and how you can empower employees to start improving their wellness levels with's smartphone-based health and wellness checks.

Make Health and Wellness Checks
Simple and Accessible for Employees Anytime, Anywhere 


Comprehensive Insights

Measure vital signs and mental wellness indicators

No Privacy Concerns

Safeguard end-user data 


Remote or Local Checks

Allow employees to monitor health and wellness from anywhere


For All 

Supports any sex and skin tone

Easy to Integrate
Available as SDK or end-to end application platform


Always available

Technology runs on the device, making it available even without internet connection

Empower them to measure vital signs, stress levels, and blood tests in under 60 seconds

Enable employees to take video-based spot checks in under 60 seconds by simply looking at their smartphone cameras or continuous checks by wearing a Polar Verity Senseheart rate sensor.

Our Speaker


David Maman 

Co-Founder and CEO

David spearheads the team in fulfilling’s vision and mission. David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success. is David’s 13th start-up where he sets the strategy and manage the execution of the company's mission to enable wellness and healthcare services to everyone, everywhere.

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