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Mitigate Fall Risks with's New Fall Detection Solution 



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Tune in for our live webinar to learn all about our new fall detection feature!  Discover how you can:

  • Continuously monitor end-user fall events with just their smartphone and a heart rate sensor.
  • Enhance workplace safety and optimize workflows.

  • Mitigate fall risks and costs, improving patient outcomes and safety. 

  • Get a holistic picture of end-user wellbeing with simultaneous vital signs and stress level monitoring.
  • Seamlessly integrate our fall detection and continuous health and wellness monitoring software into your platform.

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Tune in for our webinar to learn how you can revolutionize fall prevention with our new fall detection feature. Discover how the feature integrates seamlessly with our continuous vital signs and stress level monitoring solution, powered by the Polar Verity Sense™, to improve workplace safety, reduce fall risks and costs, improve patient outcomes, and provide family and caregivers with peace of mind. 

Easy to integrate, Easy to use.
Anytime, anywhere. 

24/7 Fall Monitoring

Monitors falls even between pre-set vital signs checks

Smart Notifications

Fall event notifications to assist providers

False Alert Management

End-user can cancel false fall event notification before it is sent to server



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Powered by Polar Verity Sense™

Leverages the sensor's gyroscope and accelerometer

Easy to Integrate
Available as SDK or end-to end application platform

Location Detection
Uses phone GPS to report location

Empower Smarter Fall Prevention with a Comprehensive Health and Wellness Monitoring Platform  

Get clearer insights into fall-related incidents with continuous measurement of an array of health and wellness indicators in addition to fall detection with location data. 
Continuously Monitor Key Indicators with

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Ido Sher 

VP Product Management

Ensuring use cases transform from concepts to out-of-the-box solutions, Ido brings over 10 years of experience in executive product management roles, specializing in leading product strategy and execution for companies in their growth and transition phase. Ido holds an MBA, Tel Aviv University, and an M.Sc and B.Sc in computer and life sciences (Magna cum laude and cum laude, respectively) from Bar-Ilan University.

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