Gamify Your Wellness
Program with a Real-time Wellness Score 



Watch now to:

  • Understand's Wellness Score and discover how you can use it to gamify your wellness program
  • See how your clients can measure physiological wellness parameters using their personal device cameras
  • Discover how your clients can measure stress and recovery ability to manage mental wellness
  • Learn how you can use real-time wellness data to boost engagement and drive results

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Behavioral science has shown that setting goals that matter, framing healthy behaviors in the context of rewards or incentives, and experiencing immediate gains or losses can significantly shape a person's choices. Tune in to our webinar, where we'll take a deep dive into how can you put these studies into practice and turn health and wellness improvements into a fun and rewarding experience for your members. 

Make Measuring Wellness

Simple and Rewarding


Just by looking at the device's camera

No Wearables Needed

No need to purchase wearables

Easy to Integrate

Available as SDK or end-to-end application platform

Always Accessible

Supported by most iPhones and Android smartphones

For All

Supports any gender and skin color

Cost Saving

A cost-effective solution to remote wellness monitoring  


Empower Anyone to Measure Wellness
Anytime, Anywhere

In one 60-second video scan, anyone can measure the following parameters just by looking at their personal device camera:

Blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), parasympathetic activity, sympathetic stress, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse respiratory quotient, and our NEW wellness score.

Our Speaker

Mona Popilian-Yona | Health.Care.Anywhere.

Mona Popilian-Yona
VP Marketing

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m-systems (acquired by SanDisk) and Cellebrite. She holds an MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Derby.

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